Henry & Fleetwood In-store and Family Friendly Concerts

We’ve had a busy week at Glow Arts after the move of office. We headed down to Gateshead Jazz festival last week with Glasgow Jazz Festival, for the Europe Jazz Network ‘Take the Green Train’. It was a one day seminar with Julie’s Bicycle looking sustainable environmental practice for festivals. Some interesting conversations and developments happening in this area, gave Glow Arts lots to think about in terms of our events and work.

We then were back to Glasgow for The Braw Wee Emporium’s latest in-store event with great new duo Henry & Fleetwood to celebrate the launch of their debut EP on Olive Grove Records. The duo use Glow Arts HQ to write and rehearse their music on a weekly basis. It was a gorgeous afternoon with the space filled with folk and lots of families to see the gig. The EP was officially launched today and is available to buy in The Braw Wee Emporium.

For a good while now we have been speaking to friends and colleagues about hosting some family friendly concerts, so many of our musician friends have quite young families and finding it difficult to get to as many high quality gigs as they use to, and also want to expose their wee ones to great music at as young an age as possible. So we’ve decided to try to fill this gap in the market and are carrying out some market research. We’ve created a survey monkey to find out what you would like to see at a Family Friendly gig and what we need to take into consideration. You can complete the survey here and it closes on the 30th April, so help spread the word. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9QWKZYB

Cheers for now,